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Sir Keir Starmer met the Nuclear Veterans

"Your campaign is our campaign.

It starts here." 

- Sir Keir Starmer to nuclear test veterans, July 2021

2022 marks the Plutonium Jubilee - the 70th anniversary of Britain's first atomic bomb. For each of those seven decades the veterans of these blasts have been ignored and mistreated by successive governments of all parties.


Studies have found these men are more likely to die, to die from cancer, for their wives to miscarry and for their children to have birth defects. They struggle with the injustice of their treatment, both physically and mentally.


We can change that.


Please use the resources on this page to lobby your MP, peers, union representatives, and the hierarchy of the Labour Party and its NEC. In 2019, the party's general election manifesto pledged a £50,000 ex gratia payment to every survivor, which Keir told us was "the starting point". With an election imminent, we need to ensure the next manifesto goes further.


We ask for:


1. A national apology 
2. A medal to recognise the service and sacrifice of these veterans 
3. Financial support for veterans & families 
4. UK-wide education program on the tests and their impact 
5. Research for descendants

With your help, we can move the machinery of the party and the state. 


Please use the links below to find out more.

LABRATS LOGO_1000mm x 1000mm.png

How can I help?

draft motion of support

Take this draft motion to your local branch.


“Britain’s nuclear test veterans are victims of a gross injustice, perpetrated by the machinery of the state for 70 years.The next Labour government must deliver truth, justice, and restitution for them and their families.

 “This meeting demands that Labour’s next manifesto promises to deliver recognition - in all its forms - to satisfy the needs of the nuclear test veteran community”

Send this letter to your MP

contact us with your story, pledges for support or ideas to further the campaign

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