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In November 2022, the Mirror reported for the first time how blood tests were taken from nuclear test veterans on the orders of Whitehall mandarins, and the results were being withheld from them and their families.

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry said it was "almost certainly a crime" and Manchester mayor Andy Burnham called it "a criminal cover-up on an industrial scale".


Now the Mirror has updated their investigation with further shocking evidence. It includes more than 200 pages of archive documents which you can read here, Parliament and MPs being given alternative versions of the truth, and cloud samplers who have found all health data from their time at the nuclear tests are entirely missing - while the rest of their medical records are complete.


The Mirror has demanded the Prime Minister act now to open the blood files to the nuclear community, and reveal where the missing records have gone, and who ordered their removal.

Please wait for the PDF to load to view online. (211 pages)

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